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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Usually the fabric silts up and holds water like plastic sheets under the mulch and keeps the water out of the soil... when there is any kind of slope the mulch slides down the slippery fabric slope and becomes exposed... spraying is not always the simplest thing in the world once the beds start growing like crazy, so when weeds appear they should just be pulled, however when they root through the fabric they do not pull...

Wood mulch rotting into the surface of the soil, creating its own hydrophobic barrier that pushes water to the plants around it works just fine w/out the hassle... freshen up the look each Spring with some new stuff and you're good to go...

None of these issues have affected you at all???
Yu know Smallaxe I'm starting to notice that, my Oak tree's for the last two years in front have started looking like the leaves are drying up mid summer?

Early this spring I pulled back a lot of the landscaping paper from around the tree's but I don't think it was enough. I'm still seeing one tree that looks like the leaves are curling up so I left the hose on around the bottom last night for about 4 hours.

Should I pull it all up? I defiantly don't want to loose these tree's hell I had enough problems with tree's

Also, it's not mulch, it's pine bark and I freshened up this spring and last spring also, didn't take any out. Could I have that stuff around the bottom to thick smothering the roots?

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