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Got a new (to me) toy last night. An Exmark Viking, 36" Trivantage deck, mulch plate, set up for a sulky but don't have one. 15hp Kawisaki motor, has about 30 hours on it! The Red Hawk wasn't too comfortable to use, although it worked fine for the time we've had it. It maybe only has 70 hours on it. This is much nicer with ECS controls and now we have a back up walk behind to use in case the Scag every goes out. We can get away with using the Lazer if the Scag goes down, but some places have gates that are like 50" or whatever so at least if a rider won't fit we can have to wb's.

Now we have some dependable, low hour equipment for every job. If we had the work we could run two mowing crews, but I don't want to take the company that direction right now.

Exmark Lazer- 379 hours
Scag Tiger Cat- 211 hours
Exmark Viking- 30 hours
Red Hawk Hydro- 70
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