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Originally Posted by bailter View Post
I'm not sure if anyone has seen this link yet.

Interesting. I have had 3 friends in our area that had imprelis damage receive their settlement offers, but have not received mine yet. Keep waiting and waiting and ........well you get the picture.
Excellent link and one that I have not seen yet. Thank you. The statement at the end of it saying that the chemist has reported that Imprelis is dissipating slower in plant tissue than in the soil is of concern to me since I have more damage this year on trees I had hoped would not be affected and unfortunately if the only way to help the rest of the tree is to prune it, then it will be funny looking. It's a columnar so the shape is hard to get again. Probably will have to remove it too. Ruins the look of a landscape bed that seemed fine last year. At least I know what to expect. Another concern now is the fact the Imprelis that has leached underneath my drive will degrade at a much slower pace since sunlight can't penetrate like it can through lawns. I have 5 landscape beds adjacent to the concrete including 2 rows of trees (1 row is totally dead the other is now showing same signs as I saw last spring).
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