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Please fix your ordering errors...

I have ordered quite a bit of stuff from you guys, but constantly get an ordering error and can't always use PayPal like I would like to do. I want it to come straight out of my bank account instead of having to pay off my credit card. I just tried to place a $303 order and got this same error I have gotten on several other occasions.

ERROR: 10433 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Please try again or contact us for assistance.
I tried fifty-eleven times and still get it.

Can we get a fix? I will try again tomorrow, but need to get the order placed asap. I also sent in an email, but since I have brought this up on two previous occasions I thought maybe it would be good to make it public since it appears to be an ongoing problem that apparently has not been addressed and/or fixed. Maybe the right person can finally nip it in the bud so we (assuming I ain't the only one that gets this error) don't have to continue to go through the same aggravation again.

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