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Your way you are not growing grass through sand but in sand.

This lawn is uneven due to dead spots. Filling dead spots with sand is not a good planting medium.

People buy potting soil not potting sand.

Large particle sand when mixed with fine particle clay is the same as sand and Portland cement. The mix up tight because the fine particle clay easily fills the voids in the sand.

To loosen up clay you need to add enough sand so the soil is 50% sand 50% clay. That's a lot of sand to put down and nothing was added improve the soil. A healthy soil needs organic material and microbes. The soil in away is alive. A proper structure supports life within it that supports lawn and other plant growth.

This is why a top dressing layer of compost or compost and top soil mix is better then using sand.

The fact that sand is cheaper and rakes out easier does not make it the best material to put down. It may be best for the LCO to reduce physical effort to put down sand and still charge the same money.

You want easy then that is why God made rental companies so we can rent top dressing machines.

Top soil, compost, will fill low spots just as well as sand and improve the soil by adding organic matter where sand won't.

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