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Originally Posted by Scagguy View Post
Glock 23, lazer sights, using 180 grain Speer Gold Dots
Glock 23 3rd Gen with Trijicon night sights. 1 chambered plus 13 in the mag!
I did a penetration test with 8 of the BIG phone books. I duct taped them together and from about 30 ft away shot it with Gold Dots (same gr you're carrying) and a bunch of other "defense" rounds.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM went completely through the phone books and had enough power to go inches deep into trees 50 ft behind the phone books.

The ONLY round that mushroomed up and stopped in the phone books was
BVAC .40 JHP (these are once fired brass and I have never had any problems with them. They shoot cleaner than everything else I've ever shot. For a box of 50 rds of the JHP on cheaper than dirt you pay $14! They also have FMJ rounds which are just as great and are $10-$11 on CTD. I ONLY carry the BVAC .40 JHP rounds. I know that if that bullet were to hit someone It would stop in them. All of the other rounds you are going to have over penetration, where you could end up shooting an innocent civilian... You're then charged with shooting the civilian.

If I need to go down town or in a bad area of town I will bring my law enforcement restricted M4. It's perfect how it fits between the center console and the passenger seat. I also have 3 spare mags all loaded for the .40 in my center console, police issue OC on the side of my door.

No I'm not paranoid- I simply prepare for the worse every single day.
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