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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
See a doctor and get an MRI done. A chiropractor could make things worse if he aggravates a serious problem.

I have 3 problems all at the L5-S1 joint. Spinal stenosis, my L-5 is slipping off of S-1 and the disc between them is ruptured. I may as well just burn the money by going to a chiropractor.

I have the same symptoms. Pain in the lower back, pain in the right hip, numbness up and down my right leg and foot, and if I'm on the leg long enough, a weakness in my right leg.

The ultimate prognosis is for surgery. My doctors and I all agree though that will be a last resort. The chance of success is 50-50. I can still work now but if they do the surgery and it goes bad then I'm done working forever.

I'm getting spinal epidurals, have a nerve stimulator and a whole host of pain medications including percocet. I also have stretching exercises for when the pain gets unbearable.

Add in osteoarthritis in both knees and hips and it makes for long days.
Wow, and I thought I had back issues. I feel better already. LOL Serious thought, hold out as long as you can possibly take it to have surgery. Scar tissue is the most common problem and can make matters worse if it builds up in the wrong area. Some people heal different and don't get much if any tissue build up but I know a good friend that's had 3 surgeries and he just as bad if not worse then he was before he ever had the first one. I also know a guy that has had surgery 1 time and has felt great ever since! He can bend down and lift heavy stuff that I myself can't handle. It all depends on the persons body chemistry as to the outcome of going under the knife. I've talked to more then a few dozen people that have had back surgery. If I were to guess, I'd say it's very close to 50-50 as to the outcome from being cut open. The neurosurgeon I went to told me that each persons body chemistry is different and heals different so it falls back to how fast and well a person heals.

Hang in there Richard for as long as you can. Even if you feel as though your body heals fast with little to no scars, you should wait. Unless you can afford to never work again and have a few pennies saved up then get multiple opinions from countless doctors before you go under the knife. Either way, good luck. I like the perks but can't do nothing if I take them so I usually work through any back pain. I get back with you on a price here real soon.
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