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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
Wow, and I thought I had back issues.

Hang in there Richard for as long as you can. Even if you feel as though your body heals fast with little to no scars, you should wait. Unless you can afford to never work again and have a few pennies saved up then get multiple opinions from countless doctors before you go under the knife. Either way, good luck. I like the perks but can't do nothing if I take them so I usually work through any back pain. I get back with you on a price here real soon.
Well, the surgery requires that I do a stress test first (stent in LAD) and I absolutely hate them. There is certainly a risk of death involved and I will wait until my pain is unbearable.

On the good side I can still outwork younger guys. I replied to a post earlier from a guy that said he cancelled his whole day because of the heat. Please. It has never occurred to me to cancel a day because of heat.

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