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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
The MOD would likely be a better option than the blocker I did not see any indication and when I inquired the JDL guys gave me the dealers card to call and ask question. I am not buying yet but would consider this mow as a top choice based on dealerships and reviews i have heard here.
They are very well made machines. I was just curious if it was a chute blocker, and which brand it might have been. I was close to buying a std Pro deck and getting a chute blocker, but ended up buying the Pro deck with the MOD system. It is quite a bit different than just a chute blocker. You can get on Deere's site and go the the 900 series to see an underside view of the entire thing and how it works. They have a little lever icon you move to open and close the MOD. Kinda neat to watch. Scroll down to the picture of the mower, and under it you'll see a long black box with a bunch of dots in it. Click on the second one from the left-
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