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Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
Well I can't speak for any except the kubota and the super z. I just bought a new 37 hp 60" super z and it cut much better than my old kubota. My kubota had the older formed deck not the new pro deck. I can't see much difference in the two but to me the new kubotas didn't cut well enough to buy another one. Now the diesel kubotas are built really well and will last forever if taken care of, but there is much more productivity with the super z. As for striping it depends more on the conditions and grass type, my kubota with a kit stripes a little better than the hustler without a kit.
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So just how much more does this thing mow,if you really want to get it done alot quicker look at a 72.

My 72 Super in regular grass down here where I am if conditions are right ( which they are right alot )will cut probably 2 to 1 over my old JD and TT 60's. It just away quick

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