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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Still standing after the hot week! I had very long days Tue and Wed, both very hot. Yesterday was a lighter load, and today was also a lighter load. This morning started off being pretty oppressive, but a shower came through about 10:00 a.m., and things cooled quickly. Also, another shower came through about 11:15 a.m., but things got hot after that point.

I've done better than expected, ... just keep working steady, making sure all the steps count for getting the job done. Drink lots of water, and keep wide-brimmed hat on my head.

But, rain, rain, rain, ... we need rain. I've skipped several this week, and will skip more next week. All the extra cuts we got in March are suddenly disappearing with the skips now. I saw a forecast earlier, and no rain is in the forecast for all of next week. Ugh! Cooler temps, yes, but no precip.
We desperately need rain, no doubt about it man. The landscaping jobs should be finishing up soon and cutting will be pretty much all I have to do. Get your rain dances on, grass is crunchy!
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