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Originally Posted by treedoc1 View Post
You should be happy to go back and spot spray weeds for "x" dollars if it wasn't included in the original proposal.
Do nothing for free, but do exactly the work stated when you sold the job.
Go backs will kill your business, change orders and upsells will add to your profitability.
Always offer a solution and price it accordingly. A free service has exactly that value...$0.00.
Sorry, but you come across as big a noob as the OP. He stated he "prepped" the beds by removal AND weedkiller. Obviously he did it wrong. Not enough removal, not enough chemical and not enough mulch would be my guess. Weeds coming up after only a week is unacceptable. So is giving a lame excuse for corner cutting on his part. By all means continue doing business this way. It will guarantee your business demise and give someone else a chance to profit by fixing your rookie mistakes.
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