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I would post your same question as a new thread rather than post it on the end of this thread. I don't think anyone pays attention to this thread. (I know from experience. That's my post right above yours... The one with no answer.) Anyway, if you start a new thread, you're likely to get a quicker answer from the lawn experts, and I am not a lawn expert.

By the way, I had a dilemma very similar to your own. Three acres, flat, few trees. I decided to go with the zero turn based on the assumption that it will save me an hour or two each weekend.

A few years down the line, if I want the capabilities of a tractor, I'm going to look for a used sub-compact tractor, rather than a garden tractor. I want one with a scoop (I let my wife in on this plan and she said, "What the hell are you going to scoop?" To which I answered, "Whatever needs scooping. I'll find something.")

As for now, I need to mow, and mowing's what a ZTR does best. (I do plan on pulling a cart from time to time, but not much more).

Originally Posted by Ellibri View Post
First off, thanks to all for this amazingly helpful site.
I have 1.5 acres, no major slopes, few trees.
I am looking at a John Deere x324 used, under 50 hours;
I am also looking at a Scag Tiger Cub, 19 hp Kawasaki, 450 hours.
Both 48" decks, both the same price...
There is a fire pit at the back of the property, I may need to haul wood/burn pile.
What is the better choice for the long haul? I am hoping to stay here for as long as possible.
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