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Geezus. You are an anal sob. I would bet $20,000 it wouldnt settle w cylinder blocks. And i dont think it would settle on virgin soil, but blocks are cheap. Pouring a pad is extremely inneficient and borderline ridiculous. Almost laughable really. Turning a one day job into two days, and increasing the cost to the client for a nonexistent issue. It is a 200lb water feature not a 2000 lb water feature.

You would access it the same way you would with a vault or a basin. I dont think they have a trap door. At least the last $250 vault i wasted my money on did not. It had a top with a hole in it.

I would cut small slits like a well screen, which would not weaken the structure much at all because you are not cutting the inner support structure. Plus the box is already rated for more than 200lbs and if you have ever seen carson valve boxes, they extremely heavy duty.
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