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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
If doing things the right way the first time is being anal then the description fits me like a glove.
If you doubt my credentials, then you have not looked hard enough.
Water feature basins DO have access doors, some more than one (Obviously you have not taken any time to research this).
If you want to cobble something together that may not have the structural or functional integrity that it could have, that is your business and the customer's future headaches. It is apparent that you posted the original question on this forum with a closed mind. Sorry that you don't like the answers you got.
Stick to Landscaping and mowing grass.
Well there is doing things the right way and then there is pricing your self out of a job because of stupidity and lack of common sense and business sense. If you seriously think this waterfall will fail you have lost your goddamn mind... seriously. I have run this idea across other pond professionals with actual job photos and they approve. And judging on your posts and photos, I am not sure you have the experience doing pondless water fountains to demean and degrade my plan. Maybe you do, but for a "premier pond company" you sure don't have a great a website with many photos at all. In fact, you don't have a photo gallery and you have 3 photos on your facebook page.

I did not see a trap door on the easy pro that you recommended. The pond supply house in town does not have trap doors on their vaults.

Actually in the original question, I was asking "what do you use instead of pond vaults."

This is one reason lawnsite sucks, why can't you be helpful and informative like Jim Lewis? Your post while I will admit are helpful and insightful at times are demeaning.

So you must not have any employees? So you really have no concept of running a full time landscape crew of multiple employees? Why don't you post any pics of your work? Scared someone might give you the same scrutiny you give others? Why on the waterfall on your webpage and on your website is there a pic of a waterfall you did with a blaring piece of liner staring at us? I mean right in the middle of the photo!! Do you really want that on your website and facebook? do you really want pics of your cat on facebook? I mean come on dude, you have "solo operator that doesn't play well with others" written all over you. I am not saying your not good at what you do... I am just saying you come off as a prick.
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