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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
One thing sand will do is cover heavy clay soils and put off the dried up cracking problem... Even a 1/2" of sand can be added to cool season grasses w/out affecting the existing turf... not to say that some rooting may occur in the sand itself, but it is already rooted in the current soil, so not an issue...

This Portland cement thing is really becoming a cliche' for a lot of people who give no thought at all to OM in the soil... It's got to be 50% or nothing is another crazy idea that makes no sense in the real world... My solution 'after the fact' is to apply sandy compost, preferably after aeration... my solution before the fact is to till in sandy compost and slope the grade to a french drain type scenario equal to the drain in a garage floor...
There is no sandy compost. You put down sand or you put down compost.

Adding organic matter is the way to improve a soil. Top dressing with 1/2" of organic matter and aerating every year will continually improve the soil. Eventually the soil and organic matter will mix together.
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