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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
1. everything starts with a foundation, soil unless it is solid rock is not a foundation. BTW title 24 requires a barrier between rock and concrete over it.

Not sure I catch your drift, where does rock and concrete meet in my plan?

in your case you could tie a small mat of #3 steel in 10 mins with $20 of material and labor. next you could job mix the concrete (thursday we job mixed 10 cyds) to keep the cost and the time frame down. place a pond specific vault (shell out the dough, that's what the customer is paying for)on the green concrete after you complete everything but the placement of the fixture. you can still complete the job in one day if you follow the rule of 7Ps.

What is the difference between poured and a segmental pour (ie concrete blocks)? If the foundation settles the footer will crack. The sole purpose of the concrete is weight dispersion. Tadpole said a fountain basis would not need a footer because the weight was already dispersed. Which is it?

2. KEY words of wisdom, be professional in every aspect of your business, the first sign of "hack" work (man i hate that word) and your client will start looking for loopholes. there are people that have 1 and only 1 job in higher levels of construction (they find things that aren't to standard and stop payments or backcharge the subs. this is a highly paid position somewhat akin to being a dentist, highly paid and generally hated). what seems like a waste of money to you can make the difference between having another satisfied customer and your worst nightmare.

Yeah we have a high level of professionalism... prob why actually have a rating on angies list. Hack work? I am pretty sure the customer would lrather have a nice little stack stone wall that a fancy piece of plastic below grade.

3. your bottom line. if spending the money for the vault will make such a difference in your bid then you prolly don't want this job. is the job going to bring you more and hopefully higher paying jobs or not, if not then you prolly don't want this job. if you continue onward, do the job without using a manufactured vault and the customer who (might have more upstairs than you think) has investigated pond sites and construction literature from sellers and maybe other contractors (BTW this is a pond site) sees what's going on and decides not to pay or holds up some cash, wants a deal now. this scenario can get much worse with the courts and the state lic. board looking in.

Well if never did the work because I am not ingenuitive, I am pretty sure I would never get any referrals.

So what you are saying is that you cannot do a pond correctly without using a manufactored vault?

Court are you serious? State licensing board for water features? So you are assuming the pond will fail? How would it fail specifically? These generalizations are buullshit. Are you saying a 300lb rated carson valve would fail under 200lbs? Are you saying having a base of several 4" 6x18 blocks would not disperse the load of 200lbs on a valve box?

4. you and i won't look at the same project the same way, everyone has their own idea of how a job should be built, what materials to use and so on. the one thing that we will prolly both agree on is that we want to stay in business a long time. that is a daily battle and your problem, my problem, tadpoles problems are the same, there is no second chance for a first impression, we are only as good as our latest job and we can turn from champ to chump in the blink of an eye. my advice...........don't blink.

I agree first impressions are very important. Yeah anything I have ever done has been warrantied. We stand behind our work whether it is a $100,000 commercial landscape or 10 pallets of sod. I did a million dollars last year, and you don't get there by doing crap work. But I did get there by making $hit happen and thinking out of the box. I am actually surprised you have taken this stand against ingenuity since you are thinking out of the box everyday? Maybe tadpole is your buddy and you are just trying to not make him feel so bad?

Yeah I am actually a rated contractor on angies list with multiple ratings. Of which tad pole has none which really makes you wonder how you have no ratings, but do alot of pond work????

My customers love our service because I do diligent work researching projects to save clients money and give them an excellent value for the work, staying on budget, and standing behind our work. This project will be no different.

i wish you the best in this and all of your endeavors

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