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Also, the only local companies I can find around 33498 is Scotts and another large chain, the smaller lawn mowing companies won't do it because they need an additional license or something. I had people come and give me quotes for whitefly for my ficus, and they all told me that the ficus couldn't be saved. After a prune, fertilizer, and granular insect control I only lost 5 ficus. The rest are beautiful... so I have little faith in any local or national company; If you know of a good company I'm interested. Until then it's a DIY project.

I don't care if I kill a small amount of grass along a large patch of weeds. My assumption is that the grass will grow new runners as long as I keep the weeds out.

I really like the idea of over seeding with Common Bermuda..... Thank you Patriot.
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