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Hi Bug-guy, I have the following weeds in my yard:

Worst Weeds in my yard, taking up lots of area:

Prostate Knotweed
Carpet weed (i think)
and couple others.

The weeds that I am least concerned about in my lawn are:

Dollar Weed
Oxalis stricta

Current strategy:

Ortho weed b gone for southern lawns on early and less concerning weeds.

Roundup placed as precisely as possible on the "worst weeds" that are not killed by even a potent dose of the ortho weed b gone.

There are a few areas where I'm going to just clear the whole area as the weeds a predominate on those areas.

When I feel that I have given the St. Augustine a fighting chance, then I'll deploy the slow release nitrogen fertilizer.

My concern is that the weeds will also grow faster with the fertilizer.

This is why I am wondering if I should definitely over seed with bremuda or another type of grass... I don't care if the St. Augustine chokes out the bremuda, It's just all about weed control at the moment.

What do you guys think?
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