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Ok so here are some pictures of my "lawn" I installed about 10 days ago. First, let me give you a little background on it; DONT COMMENT UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS FIRST, ALSO, THE GRASS LOOKS WAY BETTER IN PERSON.. FOR SOME REASON IT LOOKS LUMPY IN THE PICTURES, BUT ITS VERY FLAT AND FULL LOOKING:

My daughter is 3 years old. She LOVES grass. As most of you know, we live in the mountains, and happen to live on a lot that is very hilly, and dont have a lot of flat areas. Whenever we go on walks, or go visit family in the flat lands, my daughter has a blast playing in the grass.

I had this over grown ugly rosemary bush that I removed a few weeks back. One day while my daughter was taking her afternoon nap, I thought maybe it'd be nice to surprise her with grass when she woke up. So I quickly went outside to a small, relatively level area, and leveled it some more, filled in some low spots with some potting soil I had lying around, and went down to Lowes and bought a few rolls of sod. When she woke up and saw the grass, she was pretty excited. Yesterday I built a little border out of some 2x3's I had lying around and steaked them in with a few 1x2's. Then I used some wood stain I had lying around and stained the wood real quick.. Not perfect, but hey, it was for my 3 year old daughter and she is happy!
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