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Originally Posted by hdtvluvr View Post
I've posted photos before in the other equipment picture thread. Here are the links: Equipment

Wish I had photos of the DC when it was new.

I also just purchased a 48 inch bobcat hydro walkbehind after continually reading about operators getting hurt/killed with ztr's on hills and around ponds - both of which I have. Now I use the bobcat for the hill and 1 pass around the pond.

It can be seen here: Bobcat

The DC was purchased new. All of the other was used.
I remember the Bob Cat photos, but I don't remember the DC. Good stuff.

Originally Posted by Lawn Yawn View Post
Thanks for the reply. I actually duplicated my post in a separate thread and got some responses a couple weeks ago. I decided on the Gravely HD 48. The price was right.

It's interesting that the Fastrak quotation seems high to you. $5100 was for what I was told was a 2011. But then got to the dealer, and it was an early 2010...hmmm. The 2010 is MUCH smaller than the 2011/2012. 8" wheels, smaller engine. They did have the current Fastback 48 in stock, but they wouldn't go lower than $5400. In fact, I checked three dealers, and $5350 was about as low as I could get any of them to go for the Fastback, and I offered cash. If I could have gotten closer to 5k, I probably would have jumped. But compared to the Gravely, I just couldn't see $500 in extra features or quality in the Hustler (beyond the extra year on the warranty, and the cool yellow color, which is nice).

Anyhoo, I'm pretty excited about my new Gravely. The dealer's bringing it to my new place on Monday morning (which has about 3 acres to mow, not 1.3).
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Congrats on the mower! Different parts of the country seem to have different pricing. I was quoted by a dealer a while back $4999.00. for the FT 48" I would think with a leftover, you would have been around the same if not a tad better on that price.
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