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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
What do you guys use for a vault for the bottom of the waterfall. I think my pond shop charged me $200 for this piece of plastic last time, and i was thinkg of just using a 5 gallon bucket and cuttting holes in it. What do yall use?
Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
I think you might have missed a few posts in this thread. I am going to use a carson jumbo valve box. I am sure you are familiar with them. 300lb load rating and fairly inexpensive. And i stll get grief from these guys.
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I admit to not reading every single one of these but you did start off asking about a 5 gallon bucket.

I have installed a few jumbo valve boxes and last I heard they are not water tight. You will have to field engineer that and then hope various stresses do not cause it to leak.

I think I would rather have a pre-engineered sump designed for a pump and volume needed to for the feature to work. Maybe I do not have enough experiance in ponds to know the differance.

I would hate to turn off the system and create a pond where none should exisit. Or have the pump entrain air because the sump was too small to fully flood the feature without draining the sump.

I am just chicken that way. If I saw some drawings and some hydraulic caluculations then perhaps I would change my mind.
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