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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
Jim, have you ever done a pondless waterfall and used a vault?
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why yes i have, i usually don't make a habit of replying to threads that i have no experience in. i don't feel that i owe it to anyone to post my bonifides but here are a few.

i am a journeyman cement finisher with over 30 yrs of experience in the trades. i have worked on jobs in commercial, residential and highway construction. for a period of time in the late 70's early 80's i was flown to work daily by a large construction co. as a working foreman on major bridge and water treatment reconstruction. i have worked for Granite, Neilson and Nickles, R.G. Fisher, M & K, Swinnerton & Walburg, PKS and others in my time.

in the early 80's we built a few shopping complexes from the underground up.

i have experience in concrete, shotcrete and gunite, dirt moving, structural reinforcement, water works, sewage treatment, swimming pools and ponds, leak detection and locating as well as electrical and plumbing. i am also a certified diver amongst other things.

i have very few pics of my work as of until recently as i have had partners that took the photos while i just did the work. here are a couple that i have posted before though.

in answer to your request for my reasoning for a slab vs concrete blocks. very simple, a slab with reinforcment is by far stronger than concrete blocks. even 4 sack concrete will break at 2500# and the rebar prevents vertical shear, the blocks are individual and float, which creates an issue with frost heave or seismic movement.

valve boxes are for protecting valves and are not vaults. these are vaults

these are valve boxes

i just checked back on this thread before i posted and found this post

son, the only grief that you are getting is self imposed. you may have something to prove to yourself but i learned this riding bulls, it's all fun and games till it costs you an eye and nobody cares but your mother. have a great day
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