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I have used vaults on larger jobs so i know the difference bt a vb and a vault. Correct me if i am wrong but the purpose of a vault is to allow the wAter to pool around your pump. The last one i did, i used a liner in the hole, and put a vault at the bottom and then backfilled with rock around the vault. The vault serves 3 purposes, creating an area for water to collect so the pump can run uninhibited, a place to mount autofill, and a structure for the fountain to sit on. It seems to me a valve box would serve exactly the same purpose with small slits to let the water in.

As far as the concrete goes we will just have to disagree. No doubt concrete is stronger but the load of 200lbs spread over 16-20 sq ft is minimal and i dont see an advantage to pouring. If it was a larger fourain, i would agree whole heartedly.
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