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if you want the SA in the long run DO NOT seed with bermuda. bermuda is one of the toughest weeds to get out of SA. ric is one of the few that i have seen be able to do it. i have seen it first hand bc it was done in my yard..

to try and save this yard you will have your work cut out for you. for one you dont have the equipment unless your willing to buy that you are wasting your time.if you do things half ass you will get half ass results. i myself am one of the few just home owners on here i am not a pro like most of them on here. i also own a z spray jr and that thing has made my life very easy it spreads and sprays..

there are some very knowledgeable guys on here that deal with southern turf. like RIC and GREENDOC and ROY. search the posts and you'll find vast amount of info on these forums from these guys along with others..

i will be more then happy to help with that i know but i am not a pro like these guys are. unless you are ready to spend the money on equipment then hire someone. bc how are you going to spread out fert? or how are you going to blanket spray your yard? ask the 3 that i just mentioned if they spot spray or blanket spray and i'll bet they will all tell you they blanket spray.. i tried to spot spray nutsedge and it didnt work so i started to blanket spray for that and it has worked great. there are more things to having a great turf then dumping some fert and some weed killer on your yard to make it look good..if you need anything just send me a pm...
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