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Originally Posted by threeleafllc View Post
WOW. im not going to get into details but upon first phone call to you i said i wanted a lic irr met with me and said you had no lic... you waisted my time my freind. Had no reason to call you back you didnt fit the bill sorry....

dont talk trash on here man!!!!! lots of people watching maybe your next cust...

You knew I had no license when I first talked to you and you still had me meet with you at your shop. You said we would work together to get it. Don't you remember calling the State of CT when I was standing right next to you at your shop when you where promising the world to me ??? I told you all I had to do was go take the test as I had all my hours in. So how did I waste your time if you knew I didn't have my Licenses at that time? Thanks for calling me back after the numerous time I called you and left messages. It's all good Allen, that just showed me how you run your show.
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