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After getting the error again this morning, I contacted Mowpart for assistance and explained the issue I was having trying to place the order using PayPal. The lady I spoke with stated that my email was the one that went to her junk box (I used their online form). Then after telling her I sent it 4 days ago... she exclaimed that she was thinking of a different email from someone else that had called about the same issue today. She then stated it was a PayPal error code and that I needed to contact PayPal. I contacted PayPal and they stated they have no such error code. I called Mowpart back and the same lady then told me that she believes it may not be a PayPal error code that it must be their error code, but she is not sure what to do about it. I asked her if there is someone that services their online ordering and she stated she would call them and for me to call back at 2:00PM to see if she has been able to contact them yet.

I went ahead and used my credit card for the order, but if someone ever does check this forum you should look into the issue and get on top of your customer service a little better. If I was the owner of Mowpart, I would be none to happy about someone having an issue trying to place and order with no response in four days and the customer having to make multiple phone calls to get it figured out.

Ironically... the email form I used online stated after I submitted my email that it was going to the owner of ... so I guess that lady was the owner. Hmmmm. Maybe I am expecting too much from online ordering in this day and time.

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