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Originally Posted by 410NORTH View Post
I am also in Minnesota central Minmesota still waiting for claim forms last October I hired an arborist to give me a value on my trees I have 32 norway spruce that were damaged
they range from totally dead to dead crowns and anywere in between I have 5 60 foot that are totally dead the arborist gave me a value of 38,000 this seems low to what I have been seeing on posts I sent the appraisel in to dupont to be matched up with my claim don't know if this was such a good idea now. Any how still waiting like every one eles it will be interesting to se what they offer.
I'd get a 2nd opinion from a tree company on labor and replacement cost.

How much longer will our grass clipping be treated as toxic waste? The hotline referred me to the website but that part hasn't been updated since July 26th, 2011:

July 26th, 2011

Does Imprelis® affect composting?

Clippings from grass treated with Imprelis® cannot be composted. As a precaution, if you dispose of a tree that may have been injured through the use of Imprelis®, do not chip the tree for use in mulch or compost.

If its safe to replant and the trees go deeper isn't the grass safe?

Its June 25th and still no offer.
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