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Originally Posted by gqnine44 View Post
Don't you think dupont would not recommend planting for a longer time if they felt damage was possible to newly planted trees? I am just asking because I can't imagine that dupont would want that headache and expense if newly planted trees started dying. That would really increase their Costs!

Also, around here brickman replaced all of their affected trees all over town last fall. So far no damage. I'll let know if I notice any.
From MSU:

How long does Imprelis last in the soil? When is it safe to replant?
The amount of Imprelis remaining in the soil will depend on the initial concentration and the rate of soil degradation. Imprelis is degraded mainly by microbial activity and photo-degradation, so the rate of breakdown can vary widely. The soil half-life of Imprelis applied to turf is 37 to 103 days. This means the initial concentration is reduced by 50 percent after one half-life and then reduced by 50 percent again (25 percent of initial) after the second half-life and so on. Assuming the half-life data are correct and at least three half-lives will have passed since 2011 applications, soil concentrations of Imprelis should be no more than one-eighth their initial level by early spring 2012.

For areas in which trees received only minor damage, this suggests soil concentrations will likely be below damaging levels by spring. Where initial soil concentrations were higher and trees were killed or severely damaged, however, it is less clear that it will be safe to plant this spring. DuPont conducted a study in which they planted cotton, soybeans, and sunflowers in fields one year after Imprelis application and found that responses varied from no plant damage to plant death. Therefore, a conservative approach would suggest waiting until at least fall 2012 before replanting where trees were severely impacted
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