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Which model to buy

I have read about all I can about a ZTR for home use, understood you can always do more research but there comes a time when the paralysis has to be kicked. I could use a little help from you good folks who have the experience; I have none with a ZTR. I have a 3ac home, probably mowing
1 1/4+ with many obstacles, trees, gardens, stone walls, pool a few grade changes but no big hills, decent lawn quality throughout. I have narrowed my brand to Bob-Cat because of dealer quality, proximity and price. My current landscaper sits for just about an hour using a ZTR w/52 inch deck while two guys trim. I always cut my prior lawns but sold my tractors with the old house and I thought I might as well buy a mower this time instead of a tractor that mows (had a New Holland GT and Kubota B series CUT). It is time I go back to cutting myself. At nearly a 100 bucks a cut the mower will pay for itself with my free labor.
My questions are:
1, does a larger tire size cause more or less turf damage, i.e.: 20 inch or 23 inch on the same weight mower. I read a larger tire causes less potential damage if driven the same way.
2, is there a difference in trimming around trees and walls if you use a larger deck? Like a 48 to 52?

Now for the mower question:
The Bob-Cat Fast Cat and Fast Cat Pro are where I am leaning but I cannot decide between these two models. Do you think there is any considerable benefit to spending additional $ for the PRO model: both model mowers I am looking at have 52 inch decks.

Here are a few of their stats:
Fast Cat Fast Cat Pro
Drive ZT-3100 ZT-3400
Pumps 10cc 12cc
Tires 20 in 23 in
Kawi FX651V, 22HP FX691V, 24HP
Deck Drive 125 pound 175 pound both Warner clutch
Seat Std seat Premium suspension seat w/elastameric suspension
Weight is nearly the same for both models.

The Fast Cat PRO will cost $600 more than the Fast Cat. Clearly the PRO model has better everything but I started out wanting to keep the budget at $5K and I am up to 6K now, and another 600 more if I go for the PRO. IMO this site does not have much posting action with Bob-Cats but all of the components on their mower are all top notch components that I have seen many good comments about on this site, albeit on other brands.

Thanks for any comments and opinions.
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