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Originally Posted by RoboMike View Post
Additionally, I checked the yard today. It looks like I already have a few different types of grass. I have bermuda as weeds coming through the mulch. Then I have another type (not on runners) as well.

How did I get all the grass and weeds? Well - we had some hurricanes blow the seeds. Also, the landscaping company doesn't clean the bottom of the mower in between houses.

So, maybe my lawn needs a restart.

I question the SA in my backyard here is why....

In the rainy season of south florida my back yard get's marshy / soggy and we get a lot of rain.

In the summer - winter I use the sprinkler system and I get coverage 5 zones, 30 minutes per zone, 2-3 times a week.

SA is also not as dense as other grasses.

Since I can't regulate the water year round for SA, I was wondering perhaps I should just go for another type like Bermuda or Seashore paspalum?

Haha! there you go blaming everyone else for your yard.. The hurricane blew the weeds in is a new one, never heard that one before.. Are you paying your landscaping company an extra fee to clean their mowers before they start your weed free lawn..

Just remember a pallet of sod is round $100 so every $100 you spend on chemicals, professional help, etc just think to yourself.."Man, that"s 400 sq ft of new lawn I could have gotten " Good Luck

What types of grass do your neighbors have, plan on matching theirs? go with SA.. most weeds blend in a little better than they will in Bermuda, as you will still have weeds forever
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