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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Bermuda seed is not cheap these days. Have you checked into that yet? It is risky vs knowing that sod will give you a instant lawn and the seed may or may not germinate.

One last thing about Bermuda - does your entire property receive enough light to support Bermuda?

I am all for Bermuda myself - but also know that there are often limitations that keep it from being the appropriate turf for a property.

Things to think about - Bermuda has the deepest roots of any of our southern turf grass, it really needs to be mowed lower and more often during the growing season to ensure apical dominance does not occur and that your turf can get as dense as it can, this will mean most likely that you will be mowing that 21K at least twice a week to ensure you are not removing more than 1/3 of the blade and unless you have the perfect flat lawn - you will be doing this with a reel mower or possibly a push mower.
Also - do you have neighbors that live directly by you? If so they will not appreciate you installing Bermuda most likely as it commonly moves into SA lawns and is not commonly able to be removed without damaging the SA.

I bought a 5lb bucket of bermuda seed for $130 a couple of weeks ago.. covers 5k sq and an over seed will only yield a 20-30% yield if done right.. at least what I've seen and heard.. so do the math.. pretty expensive and a pretty big gamble.. Landscape Poet is right
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