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The mower for that much bermuda is not cheap. Landscape Poet makes some very good points about bermuda vs st augustine. I am a bermuda guy myself, however I do not like to see it used where it does not get 8 hours of full sun per day, 1 lb of Nitrogen per month of growing season and a reel mower cut every 3-7 days.

In my state, sod is expensive. I am talking about $5-7 per sq ft not including the irrigation system the installer will want to install. Conscientious contractors will not touch the job without verifying and ensuring good irrigation coverage. It is a frequent situation for me to take a lawn that is 50% or more weeds and convert it back to one species of grass. Only thing I require is a working, properly adjusted irrigation system and cooperation from whoever is mowing the lawn.

In your case, a good CPO or learning how to manage this yourself is the best option.
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