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Originally Posted by mjlcare2 View Post
I bought a 5lb bucket of bermuda seed for $130 a couple of weeks ago.. covers 5k sq and an over seed will only yield a 20-30% yield if done right.. at least what I've seen and heard.. so do the math.. pretty expensive and a pretty big gamble.. Landscape Poet is right

You must have bought the most expensive Bermuda seed on the planet. Here is a link to a seed supplier I use. Keep in mind Bermuda seeds are very small and go a long way. Aprox. 1.5 million seeds per pound. Rates 1-2 pounds per 1000 square feet so seed is by far cheaper than sod, if you deal with Bermuda encroaching in a St Augustine lawn you know it's not much of a gamble, Bermuda is a prolific germinater. and over seeding by throwing seed on the ground may yield only20-30 percent that's why you do it with proper equipment and slit seed it in.
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