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Let me recap.

The tree next to it was removed 5 years ago as it was clost to the power lines.
The light color leaves were next to the power lines and I suppose the root that looks like it was cut with a chain saw was also on the same side as the power lines?

You need to find a good aborist, check that root cut. It may be simply that that side of the tree is not getting uptake because of some damages to that root.

I see the beginning of the flare but it still looks a little deep. Could be from silt and fillin over the years of having a bed on it or it could be the natural flare. I am still getting the impression these are natual trees not transplants. If that is the case the flare maybe OK except for the silting in while in a Bed.

You do not normally see new growth of branchs come out on established tree trunks like that. Not too pleased with those cuts either. That typically is an sign of stress. I am not fully familiar with this OAK, nor am I an aborist.

I have a really good Arborist that I have worked with for 7 years on several sites. I learn a lot from him every visit we have doing tree inspections.

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