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You guys are really complicating a simple Bermuda rehab. Common Bermuda doesn't need a reel mower to get a good cut. Many golf courses including the one that makes up part of my backyard are using rotary ZTR's on the fairways which are common Bermuda. A 12 field soccer complex near here is all common Bermuda mowed at 2" with Toro ZTR's. Hybrids are a different animal and should be reeled to 1/2" on the tee's and greens. I don't think its possible to ONLY get 30% germination. Not everybody loves SA and can afford half an acre that the kids will trample into garbage in a month. Bermuda is easy to repair, SA means more money for sod patch. Nuke it, verticut it, rake it and seed. In a week you will have grass.
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