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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Won't disagree with that. Problem is your unlikely to have flat enough ground unless you put a lot of effort into topdressing and leveling. Even then with the weather we have now the ground is going to move all over the place. 2" is a good compromise to minimize scalping and offer some weed control benefit. Its also about as low as a rotary will perform.
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Many lawns here are not golf green flat. However, good mowing guys use a reel fitted with a front weighted roller and cut at 3/4". There is actually less scalping and gouging vs a rotary mower.

My prejudice against rotary mowers on bermuda stems from what happens to lawns and sports fields maintained with a rotary. It never fails that those areas get taken over by warm season weedy grasses. I have been involved in field trials sponsored by FMC and Bayer trying to clean up such areas. So far, the products used have been most effective when a program of low mowing is instituted. Low mowing not only keeps the lawn tight. It also is the nail in the coffin for weeds stunted by herbicide applications.
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