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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
thats a lot of trimming....and even more cleanup! were they really bad or fairly maintained? I know what you mean about hedge trimming season...we are finished up with landscaping work until August and the whole month of July will be just doing maintenance for the most part
Yeah! they whole place is nice but the guy only does his hedges once a year they werent overgrown but they were not what they should be. I thought I was going to slow down landscaping but over the past 2 weeks I am pretty much book through July

Originally Posted by kyia View Post
WOW thats a ton of Hedges. Hey man how is your stander x working out for ya. If you can. post some pics of what steepest hills you can mow with it. Hows the cut compared to exmark.
ya stander x is great, actually had it in the shop for a little warranty work and man is it way better than before! the controls on it are so smooth now feels like your floating! It can go up almost anything side to side is iffy on steep hills and down you just have to make sure you have enough stopping distance-if you dont you have to go down the hill backwards

here is a picture this is the maximum it can hold side to side and even once in a while it looses it off this hill. It would climb this fine going down you would need about 15ft to stop. this one is always mowed side to side because it would scalp the steep top

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