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Originally Posted by 1toomanyhobbies View Post
My concern about the E80 would be parts. Since they would come from Doosan and there aren't that many E80s around, how long would it take to get a part if you are on a job and something breaks?
We are about to purchase a Doosan DX180LC, they have a 48hr guarantee on parts and if they can't get it there in the 48hr window they pay for your rental.

It seems the parts I break are always the ones they don't have in stock anyways and I have to wait a decent amount of time to get them or have to pay a lot of $$$ for overnight shipping.

Excavators are the most reliable machine on a jobsite. I am just having to start to replace little things on our Case CX160 now and it has 3300 hours on it. Most of the pieces that break are from the abuse the boulders take on the machine and I expect it to have little issues because of what we use the machine for.

As for a new excavator that is just used for digging, brush cutting and little demo work I just don't see them breaking down unless they are neglected or abused severely.
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