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So if i understand you right, the point of your post is that a summertime fertilization on fescue is the way to go ? I disagree, i think you should get your nutrient's down between Sept. - April and let that get you through the summer. If you get enough nitrogen down in these month's (and i will bet your not) you can have perfectly healthy grass without fertilizing in the summertime and promoting disease or pushing a semi-dormant plant in the wrong direction, which is exactly what you are doing. Your visual assessment of that grass right now may be telling you it look's good but it's supposed to be going dormant. Your eye is just seeing green, not what's going on underground. What you think of as a lack of moisture is probably normal, grass is a lot tougher than you might think. Watering in the afternoon is a big mistake, overwatering is a big mistake. Water sparingly only early in the morning. Your watering schedule is a big reason you have patch problem's. If you do everything right then your fungicide need's will be cut by 85%. Brown patch is a normal thing on fescue, no need to be terrified of it. A quality seed help's a lot. So does sunlight. Do you mow as high as possible ? I am not trying to be negative here, just trying to help you out.
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