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How true. It has been my experience that due to the factors I mentioned, it is not worth it for me to touch a lawn not cut at the correct height of cut. Can't save st augustine that is cut at 2" and can't keep bermuda or zoysia truly green and weed free at 2" either.

Funny someone should mention soccer fields kept at 2" with a rotary mower. The city of Honolulu has been maintaining their municipal sports fields like that. Right now, there is less than 25% bermuda, the rest is dallis grass, goosegrass, and eragrostis. Easily controlled with a heavy fertilization program and a Revolver/Celsius martini, followed by a Sencor shooter. But the fields need to be cut at 3/4" with a reel to scalp out the weakened weed grasses.
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