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Originally Posted by nolatoolguy View Post
It will probably work but what about if you gotta haul wheelbarrows, blowers, gas cans, extra mower, etc.

C Jovingo Landscaping had a good idea to.
I have a cage appprox 2'D X 2'H X 6'W with plywood lid & locks. It is mounted on posts at front of trailer & front of walkbehind goes under it. I keep Gas cans, backpack & handheld blower in it. I also have diamond plate toolbox mounted on tongue across front of trailer for tools, spoll of trimmer line, 2stroke oil, reg oil, ratchet straps, bungie straps, tow chain, cordless drill, tarps, spare parts (belts) etc. As far as wheelbarrow i just put it beside one of my walkbehinds upside down & strap it.
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