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I appreciate the advice and I do agree I have been over-watering - I just didn't know what else to do considering I thought the problem involved a lack of water even though I figured I was giving the lawn too much. I have heard before that the best time to give the lawn nutrients is in the fall. Last year I put down pelletized lime on Sept. 1, overseeded and Scott's starter fert. on Sept. 16, spread peat in arears that got their ass kicked by fungus in the summer on Sept. 17, and put down another application of starter the third week of Oct. So far this year in regards to fertilizing, I put down an application of prevent at a half rate on Feb. 26, and the WnF at a half rate on April 20, and now the Loveland Supreme on June 16. As for the watering, I have cut back to every other day (cycle starting at 6 am), no more two times a day, and zone times cut in half. I wish I had some before and after pics to post. Also, I normally put down my grub killer the week of July 4, but this year I went about 3 weeks earlier. Like I said, my lawn is looking great and I have cut way back on the watering. I am all ears on further suggestions. Thanks again.
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