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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
It took a couple of days of rain but our retention ponds are finally very full. Our soil was so dry that it took several days of rain to re-hydra it. The drainage swale in front of my house is still dry. But we needed this rain because wells were becoming salty and even going dry.

Well water of 700 PPM salts will Kill Hybrid Bermuda. It takes 1600 PPM to kill St A. I have a new customer who just had 34 pallets of 419 Bermuda installed. His well is 650 PPM and this rain saved the New sod for NOW. We are hoping the fresh water infusion to his well will bring down the salt contend. This past spring was abnormally hot and Dry and could have caused his well to increase in salt contend.

Does rain really get into the groundwater that quick in FL?

Not sure what it is up here, but it sure isn't a few days.
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