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Walker Shaft

Blades sounded like they were hitting something on the deck, disengaged the blades, put the deck up 90 degrees like walkers do, there was nothing there, spun the blades by hands a little.

I was worn out and brain dead... and reached to engage blades to see if they were still making the noise and to be able to watch them. About half way through engaging them, I realized how stupid it was to engage them in the 90 degree position, so I turned them off real quick.

Im pretty sure it made a weird noise when I did it, cant remember. But after that, I started looking around the mower, and found the shaft that goes into the deck in two. (pic attached). not snapped, just looked like the joint slid apart. Still in the 90 degree position, I took pins out that holds deck on mower, slid it out a little, and lined up the shaft and tried to slide it in.... but it wont go.

How do you get the shaft to go back together?

Was this what initially caused the blades to sound like that, or did it happen when I was being an idiot trying to turn the blades on? If it didnt cause the blades to do that, what would?

This happened halfway through the day today... had the whole day scheduled... so any help to get the mower back to the yards as soon as possible is greatly appreciated!
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