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Originally Posted by thom View Post
For now, name recognition is my first goal.
You can/will get name recognition if you build out a proper site. As it currently sits, I'm afraid to say that you would probably do more harm than good by directing people to your site as it's really nothing more than a business card.

The other issue is that there is nothing on there, beyond an area code, that will give any possible search engines something to work with. If they did start indexing you as a lawn service in the Cleveland area, you will be so buried in the results that it's like you don't exist.

My suggestion is, if you have any budget for marketing, have a proper logo made, even if it's just "Crown Lawn Service" as a nice looking text logo, and then add pages for each of your services (Mowing, Mulching, Fert, etc), write content that is appropriate, while also incorporating your specific service area towns and suburbs into that content.

Cleveland, or 216, as the sole word will be extremely difficult for you to rank for, so narrow down to South Euclid, Lakewood, Willoughby, Wherever...

Take a look through the posts on here at people site review requests, and you'll find quite a bit of help on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is something you'll want to become very familiar with. Also, check out Google's Webmaster Tools, as well as their SEO Starter Guide, and SEOMoz's SEO Starter Guide.

Anything else, just ask and we'll all be glad to help.

I know lawn & landscape marketing, branding, and web strategy. I'm not anonymous, I just don't self-promote.
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