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Originally Posted by gar View Post
Hey Jim, I'm an irrigation tech here in the Tampa area. Recently a "cable guy" suggested for me to use a TDR to find the distance to a short or fault. I hadn't even heard of that device before. He thought it might work w/ valve wires. After googling a bit I found your thread where you showed an example using the Triplett. What kind of connection did you use since the TDR is made for coax. I see it has a BNC fitting but from there how did you adapt it to the alligator clips ? thanks, gar
the triplett comes with a pair of 4" bnc x alligator clips. i had a pair made at the local CB shop but i gave them to either billy or gregg. the pair that i am using on my snapshot SSTDR are a pair that i also made for my triplett.

i sent the pair that came with the snapshot with the triplett i loaned to waterlogged. they're travelling in a circle .

they're easy to make but you canbuy them for less than $20 online.

smart cable guy
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