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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Accurate points you make I would say but long term do you think SA will be around? Would Bermuda not be the better choice as watering restrictions become more and more as it is not talked about much recently but there will be a day when the restrictions will come more and more strict. Then other than Bahia - would Bermuda not be the best choice because it will go dormant when needed, green up with rain and it obviously recovers quicker than SA if at all from drought. Seashore maybe for the cost.? I don't know but I do know we put a lot of inputs into our lawns here, which is why the people from up north look at us like we are crazy when they figure out what their annual lawn care bill is going to be. I have a guy that just moved here from Michigan. He really struggled with why he was going to pay close to 6k a year for his lawn not including paying the water bill for SA that his HOA made him install when he wanted Bahia.
For sure. When that day comes, Bermuda is the best choice. I think one of the biggest problems are the homeowners that won't take the pros advice. So many people want to water their lawn 3-4x/wk ON TOP of rainfall. We all know the end result. Quick story. I had one lady that I controlled the irrigation and she did the fert. She would only need 1-2 sprays for the year. Every winter clover would pop up in random spots. Never chinch bug, sod webworm, fungus, etc. I think this could be the norm if people didn't think they know it all.
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