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Hey guys. Been trying y'alls software out this month and for the most part I like it. There are just a few items that are preventing me for confidently signing up and moving the whole operation over to it (i've just been running my 1 construction crew on it and have left the other divisions off for now)

1) Need to be able to put a price on man-hours (i.e. when a crew member does a time sheet I want to see his billed rate on the job page in addition to the hours) Right now when doing a project my office still has to go though each day of work and add up the hours for each different class of employee (not everyone cost the same) You having the total man-hours listed does not a bit of good because no one cost the same. *See first attachment*

2) Really would rather have an iPhone app instead of the web interface. While the web interface does work it's very cumbersome and loads slowly. I think if you had the app (which of course would be pulling data from the web) it would work better. The page changes (clicking on links, going back, searching) are what really bog down the web page on the iPhone, I'd think an app that had all the "flair" y'all are going for would speed things up a bit. Works great on my iPad btw.

3) searchable product database. We supply our customers with countless products, we have stone/irrigation parts/ lighting parts and countless others. It's unimaginable that I'd put them all in your pull down menu. You could argue I could just type them in every time as custom items BUT who wants to do that. We currently have our own software in filemaker pro but are wanting to modernize and go into the cloud per say. This is a big item for us. *See image 2*

All and all I like where y'all are going, I think my suggestions will make your program even better

Best Wishes!
Brandon Vaughan
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