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Originally Posted by greg8872 View Post
The big problem I see is that the wording it too large for the narrowness of the page. It looks more like a item list instead of an actual readable sentence. Makes it way harder to read.

I do see you provided some spacing now after the company name, that was going to be one of the things I mentioned.

You may only care about Name Recognition right now, but you need to consider where things are going. Using GoDaddy's system, you are getting the search engines to see Godaddy listed first in your description. Example is how you come up in search results:

Additionally, when someone decides to mention you via FB, the site is set thanks to goDaddy to show their logo along with the link (give it a try, go to facebook, and for updating your status, just enter your URL and see what it auto populates with)

Now it can all be changed later, but you could easily get things to work in your favor (change SERP listing, add a simple logo). Adding in the logo will get you brand recognition on top of name recognition.

As far as the "Name Recognition", with whom are you trying to build this with? With customers, with people finding you? Search engines?

I agree with what is already mentioned that you should also have some type of location there. All I know is that you are somewhere around the Cleveland area based on the area code. (Well based on what you see browsing your site anyhow)

When you have time, I would recommend you work on updating the site, to get more readable and more informative information (mainly location) for people to find you by.

Now this perspective will be different than a lot of people, but for me the site itself would turn me off of your service as for me websites as it would influence my interpretation of your professionalism. Again that is me, I live and breath web development though.

As Tony mentioned, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I dont have a facebook account.
As far a mentioning my service locations, I service Medina, Lorain, and southern Cuyahoga counties.
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